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a road to net zero & compliance

Gain moral and financial benefits of corporate social responsibility and meet your legal obligations for emissions reporting.

These tailored services can help you towards your NET Zero emission goals by a combination of remediation, offsetting and even turning emissions into renewable energy.

Reduce time and cost and extract the data required to fulfill your global warming emission objectives.



Our clients recognise the moral and financial benefits of corporate social responsibility, and High Compliance proudly provides the assessment and supportive services to help them meet their trading aspirations.

Many clients use our consultancy services to meet their legal obligations for emissions reporting. Others do so to improve their reputation among their clients and consumers, gain a competitive edge, and reduce their impact on the natural world.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Carbon Footprinting

Carbon foot printing

Helping you to reduce Green House Gas(GHG) emissions through identification, detection, measurement and quantification.

Effective Emission Management guidance for developing and implementing effective practices for monitoring, reporting and verifying (MRV) GHG emissions.

Our sustainability services include carbon footprinting calculations and reporting, and a comprehensive carbon offsetting and emissions reduction service.

All of our clients have the opportunity to be awarded certification after the Calculation and Verification to the ISO 14064 and GHG Protocol Emissions Standards carbon footprint analysis and report has been produced.

Carbon Offsetting

We will help reduce your emissions, and then offset your remaining Carbon Footprint with certified projects in Britain and around the world by subscribing to a scheme such as UK reforestation through the Tree in a Million campaign which delivers local environmental, social and economic benefit to the community, supports jobs, boosts visitor spend and reduces strain on the NHS. Please contact us for more offsetting schemes that are currently avaiable.

In order to further support our clients, through our approved supply chain we can source clothing, uniforms, and merchandise that delivers both on price and ethical standards to ensure that your brand reputation is not associated with oppression, sweat-shops or slave labour.

Tree carbon eaters

Thermal Imaging

Our thermal imaging cameras take measuring temperature to the next level; instead of getting a number for the temperature you get a visualisation showing the temperature differences of a subject or scene. Helping you to identify variences in temperature of a given object, subject or scene.

The data output from our thermal imaging sensors can provide detailed analysis of heatloss from buildings.

This enables measures to be implemented to stop this by installing new insulation or windows and therefore cutting energy consumption and conserve energy.

Read more on thermal here
Thermal images

Methane Emission Surveys

Using UAVs (Drones) equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and our unique gas modelling data analysis, will give your onsite teams the ability to go direct to the source and carry out any remediation work that is required to stop the release to the atmosphere.

By providing a detailed near-real time visualisation of methane concentrations in the surveyed area will enable leak identification and mitigate potentially dangerous situations.

What is data transformation?

Data transformation is the process of manipulating unstructured raw data, video, images and other digital outputs into usable and informative actionable business data.

Whether its for on screen visual representations, analysis, reporting or exporting for other programs to use such as CAD or MIS software.

High Compliance can help you fit all the pieces together to integrate the data and start your digital data transformation today.

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