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Our easy to use, customisable software products, offers an immediate turn-key integrated Compliance and Health & Safety digital framework for reporting and analysis.

Flexibility is the key, with a suite of modules and easy to use apps that are designed for smarter ways to report, gather, analyse, manage, ingest and communicate your Compliance, Risk and Health & Safety data.

Reduce time and cost and extract the data required to fulfill your HSE objectives in real-time.

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Employees work in different ways and locations so there is a greater need for digital reporting, and is critical for collaboration and accountability.

Our HSE software has been developed to be smarter, easier to use and meet these new demands for digital reporting, at any time, anywhere!

With chartered safety and health practitioner guidance you can be guaranteed, you have a competent, functional and practical software solution for all your H&S requirements.

Many clients use our services to meet their legal obligations for H&S reporting. Others do so to improve their reputation or gain a competitive edge but always by safeguarding people and places.

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High Compliance

Key Features

Easy to Use

  • Easy installation
  • Simple to navigate
  • Easy data entry
  • Multiligual
  • Real-time notifications

Management & Data

  • Customisable
  • Management Dashboards
  • Export to XLS/CSV
  • Bespoke PDF creation
  • Actionable Insights

Application Integration

  • Office 365
  • Exporting to MIS
  • Cloud 24/7
  • Business Intelligence
  • Data Transfers

Safe and Secure

  • SLA to 99.5%
  • Point in time backups
  • 2FA Enabled
  • Regional Data Copies
  • No internet enabled

Hazard and Accident Apps

Hazard Reporting

Paper-less hazard and accident reporting. Gone are the days that employees, sub-contractors and clients have to search for a pen and paper to report hazard and accident issues or concerns!

With an easy to use suite of apps and modules that are designed for smarter ways to gather, ingest, report, communicate and share your health and safety data with colleagues and will help you in your digital transformation and making change for the better throughout the company.

With our progressive web apps reporting an hazard or accident couldn't be easier. Whether you are using a computer, tablet or mobile phone it is always available to record and report an issue, even when you have no signal or internet connection.

Inductions and ToolBox Talks

HSE inductions are notoriously difficult to get right. Yet they remain a key tool in the development of culture and setting out expectations from the start.

High Compliance uses its unique blend of HSE consultancy and drone services to develop a consistent, multi-lingual video induction that’s engaging, informative and unrivalled when it comes to developing culture and ensuring every person going to site understands the significant risks, required control measures and the current conditions.

The drone induction developed by High Compliance is fast paced and engaging, ensuring full support from all stakeholders. Entering a new site, personnel receive the latest update from the drone highlighting the current conditions and significant hazards and controls in place to ensure their safety.

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Recent case Study

Our client was doing 50 to 80 inductions per week delivered by different people and sometimes varying content.

High Compliance streamlined the process and updated the induction at each milestone of the project or if there were any major changes in the sites layout or geography. The content that was delivered to all new inductees was exactly the same and each induction was logged, recorded and timestamped to ensure there was an audit trail of who and what induction the inductee had been given and when.

Our induction process has shown we save clients up to 83% on the cost of their induction processes whilst also increasing overall site compliance.


  1. 970 Inductions delivered on one major project
  2. Saving in excess of £48,000
  3. Overall Compliance increased
  4. A Streamlined Site Induction process
  5. Strengthened the Safety Culture
  6. Fully auditable

Compliance Audits

Compliance Audits

Our purpose is to provide business Compliance Audits and Management solutions that free our customers to do more of what’s important to them.

Our apps, modules and systems manage your Compliance Audit programmes using a cloud-based system, with access 365/24/7 and SLA of 99.8% availability.

Registered users can access the Compliance Audit system at any time from anywhere. The system is accessible to our clients internal auditors and their appointed independent auditors.

It provides a communication platform including alerts to users, tracks actionable delivery and records annual audit findings and outcomes.

Access to the Compliance Audit system is managed through the Individual Access Management (IAM) security module.

Risk Management

With our health and safety risk management software we can help you reduce your time by more than 70% by completing and managing risks online.

Our apps, modules and systems manage your HSE Risk Assessments, RAMS, Method Statements and COSHH programmes using a cloud-based system, with access 365/24/7 and SLA of 99.8% availability.

It provides a communication platform including alerts to users, managers and tracks actionable events and outcomes.

Access to the Compliance system is managed through the Individual Access Management (IAM) security module.

Registered users can access the Compliance system at any time from anywhere. The system can be set up and accessible to your customers, tenants, internal administrators, managers in fact any one you want to invite and give access to the compliance system.

Compliance Audits

What is data transformation?

Putting it all together

Data transformation is the process of manipulating unstructured raw data, video, images and other digital outputs into usable and informative actionable business data.

Whether its for on screen visual representations, analysis, reporting or exporting for other programs to use such as CAD or MIS software.

Proactive leaders must investigate how the regular use of AI, smart software and apps will invigorate a how we work future proof strategy.

High Compliance can help you fit all the pieces together to integrate the data and start your digital data transformation today.


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